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Vision Board 2024

By using Vision Board, you can effectively manifest your dreams and attain success in various aspects of your life. Through visualization, you can establish clear objectives for each domain represented in the Bagua map and bring your aspirations to fruition.

Utilize the Feng Shui Map feature to infuse your goals with positive energy and align them with the principles of Feng Shui. Receive personalized guidance to assist you in overcoming obstacles and achieving your dreams. Create as many boards as you desire and tailor your goals with customized Affirmations and deadlines. Maintain motivation and stay on course with daily affirmations and reminders.

Safeguard your boards with a pin code or Face ID for secure access, and conveniently view them with iPhone widgets. Select from a range of themes and personalize the app's color scheme to reflect your preferences. Access images from your device library or explore inspiring options through Unsplash integration. Adjust and zoom your images to emphasize significant elements and bring your vision to life.

Do not delay in actualizing your dreams. Download Vision Board today and begin utilizing the power of visualization, positive energy, and personalized coaching to achieve your goals.

Certain features, denoted with an asterisk, are only available in the premium version of Vision Board. Paid features include unlimited Vision Boards, custom affirmations, and customizable themes and app colors.

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