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Golf Rival - Multiplayer Game

Whether you are an avid golfer or a casual mini golf player, Golf Rival offers a new competitive adventure. This top multiplayer golf game allows you to enjoy real-time competition in immersive and exciting golf environments. With over 30 epic golf themes and 300 designed courses, each golf battle provides ultimate excitement. Compete against golf lovers from around the world and prove you belong at the top of the leaderboard.

Golf Rival is perfect for both casual and serious competition. It has intuitive gameplay with easy-to-understand tutorials and simplified mechanics. You can drag your finger and release to drive perfect golf shots. Progress as a golf champion, perfect your precise shots, and impress your opponents.

Become a top golf champion by competing across 19 stages and unlocking rare golf clubs. Hone new skills such as hitting long bouncing drives, winding curve shots, and "dunking" balls. Collect over 300 special balls to out-maneuver your opponents. Win golf games to receive chests as rewards and upgrade your golf clubs. Challenge the best golf players in the league and global ranking lists.

Golf Rival also offers weekly and monthly live events. Match against opponents quickly and play against the best golfers around the world in fun competition formats. Special challenges with creative rules and exciting PVP competition are available. Climb the ranks from Knight to King in the Kingdom mode and earn prizes and honor badges. Participate in tournaments to achieve new personal bests and show off records. The Arena mode challenges you to hole-in in 2 shots or complete Albatrosses in Par-5 courses for total course mastery. The Brink Game tests your skills to hit the ball close to the hole without sinking it.

You can make new friends by playing golf and connecting with the Golf Rival community. Invite your Facebook friends to join the game, accept gifts from them, and share your personal profile globally.

Download Golf Rival and begin your golf adventure with players worldwide. Join this addictive game, win your clashes, and become the master of golf games.

For any questions or feedback, contact the developers via Facebook or use the "Help and Support" button in the game settings. The privacy policy and terms of service can be found through the provided links.

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