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Hours Tracker: Time Tracking

This text discusses the features and benefits of HoursTracker, a time tracking app. The app offers a quick and easy way to record time using timers, with support for breaks and pauses. It also allows users to track their pay, tips, mileage, and make time and earnings adjustments. The app offers flexibility in starting, stopping, breaking, or pausing the timer. Users can set job locations for clock in and out reminders or automate time tracking through geofencing. Time entries can be entered manually with smart defaults and optional comments. Users can control timers, dictate comments, and apply tags using their Apple Watch. The app also includes advanced features such as automatic overtime earnings calculations, built-in reports, tagging and filtering capabilities, reminders, and time rounding options. Additional features include copying existing jobs or time entries, a today widget for monitoring time and pay, export options via email or iOS share sheet, passcode lock for privacy, cloud-based backup and restore, and web-based reporting access. The app also offers customization options in the preferences section. The text mentions that there is a free edition of the app that has limitations on the number of jobs and entries, and offers upgrades to the Personal or Pro edition for more features. The text concludes by providing a website link for more information and social media pages to follow for updates on upcoming features.

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