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Parental Control App - OurPact

OurPact parental control app is a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring your child's online activity. With features such as app blocking, app rules, website blocking, and text blocking, parents can ensure a safe and controlled online environment for their children. The app also offers features like new app alerts, block schedules, and screen time allowance, allowing parents to automate and manage their child's daily routine and screen time.

Geofencing with Places feature allows parents to create GPS geofences and receive real-time alerts when their children leave or arrive at specific locations. The Find My Family feature enables parents to locate any family member using geolocation and geofences. Additionally, parents can locate their individual devices in case of loss or theft using the Find My iPhone & iPad feature.

OurPact provides peace of mind to parents by giving them the ability to block apps, track their child's location, and monitor their online activity. It encourages healthy habits and screen time management through features like screen time allowance and scheduling.

By using OurPact, parents can easily manage their entire family's screen time and device locations from one application. The app can be used to reinforce agreements with children, block social media or games while allowing educational apps, monitor online content, and teach children how to budget their screen time effectively.

OurPact offers Premium and Premium+ monthly subscriptions charged to the user's iTunes account. The app can be tried for free for one week, and cancellations or auto-renewal can be managed in the user's Account Settings.

For more information, visit and Technical support can be obtained by reaching out via email to [email protected].

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