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GPS Speedometer: Speed Tracker

The GPS Speedometer app is a unique and functional combination of a speedometer and trip computer, all conveniently located in one application. By utilizing the GPS capabilities of your phone, this app accurately records your speed, time, distance, and more.

With its trip computer feature, the app tracks important statistics in real-time, including average and maximum speed, distance covered, and moving and stopped time. All of this aggregated data is saved in one central location for easy access.

The app also offers the ability to switch between different units of measurement, such as miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and knots.

One standout feature is the automatic stop detection, which determines whether you are moving or standing still and calculates your average speed accordingly. It generates a trip report that separates travel time from stoppage time.

Another notable feature is the head-up display (HUD) function, allowing you to enable HUD mode and place your iPhone under the windshield. The specially designed HUD interface then displays the most accurate speed directly on the windshield.

For added convenience, the app includes a built-in map to prevent you from getting lost. You can easily switch to navigation mode and see your current position on the map in real-time.

Please note that this app has a privacy policy available at [Privacy Policy] and terms of use available at [Terms of Use].

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