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Text Me - Phone Call + Texting

TextMe is a free texting app that offers free calling and free phone numbers. It is a reliable all-in-one solution for those in need of a new phone plan for free calling and texting to any number in the US and Canada. It also provides the option to protect privacy by offering a second phone number. This feature is useful for purposes such as dating and side projects. Additionally, TextMe allows users to call and text their international friends and relatives at a low cost. The app includes features such as free voicemail service, the ability to pick multiple custom phone numbers, and the option to turn an iPad or iPod into a functioning phone. Users can also enjoy text and chat features with pictures, voice and video messages, and fun emojis and stickers. TextMe has been trusted by millions of users and is the market-leading provider of private custom phone numbers in the US and Canada. The TextMe team has been developing the app since 2011 and have extended their reach to over 100 countries for voice and SMS communication. The app is available for download on the App Store, and subscription details can be found within the app. However, it is important to note that in order to call for free within the US and Canada, users need to earn free credits within the app. Additionally, there are limitations on free calls to US numbers, and it is necessary to have push notifications enabled to receive messages and calls. Overall, TextMe is a comprehensive and reliable option for free texting, calling, and phone number services.

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