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iZurvive - DayZ Maps

iZurvive is a convenient mobile app that provides detailed Maps for DayZ and Arma 3, offering information on loot spawns, landmarks, and city names. It also allows you to join a group with friends, making it easier to coordinate gameplay with shared markers and shapes on the map. The app is regularly updated with the latest maps and patch information.

The app offers high-resolution maps for Chernarus, Livonia, and various community-made maps such as Namalsk, Deer Isle, Chiemsee, Rostow, Esseker, Takistan, Banov, Swans Island, and Pripyat. Additionally, there are numerous maps available for Arma 3 and the original DayZ Mod, with options for satellite or topographic versions.

In terms of navigation, you can use landmarks, town signs, and building images to navigate the map. If you find yourself in a town but are unsure of your location, you can simply search for the city name on the map. The app also features a distance measurement tool, which can be used for scope zeroing or planning travel routes with estimated travel times.

When it comes to finding loot, the app allows you to filter the map for specific loot spawns, helping you locate the gear and food you need. Detailed information on each loot spot, including images and item categories, is provided to enhance your gameplay experience.

With the teamwork feature, you can join a group with your teammates and synchronize markers and marked areas on the map instantly. This is particularly useful for locating and coordinating with your team in the vast open world of DayZ and Arma 3.

The app includes a comprehensive wiki section that provides detailed information about all guns and weapons available in the game, along with information on ammo, attachments, and their locations.

If you're looking for people to play with, the app offers a wide range of diverse communities for you to browse and join.

Here are some testimonials from other DayZ players about iZurvive:

- "This is the best app ever for DayZ, always updated and innovative." - Run-tmt

- "This app has been a lifesaver so many times in the game. I just started playing a week ago, and I don't know what I would do without iZurvive." - Pandamonium502

- "This app let me find the boys, and finally, we are together." - dinocooper

- "This is a great app for DayZ maps and more. It's a go-to anytime I am lost or need a route to plan out. Simply the best! Fully customizable to meet your needs and what you want on your screen." - Kase da ace

For any inquiries or suggestions for future versions of the app, you can contact the support team at [email protected]. Please note that this app is not affiliated with Bohemia Interactive.

For the app's Terms of Use, you can refer to the following URL: [omitted].

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