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Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live

Uplive is a virtual streaming platform that offers live video chats, games, and the opportunity to make new friends. With a diverse user base from around the world, Uplive provides 24/7 entertainment and interactive features to enhance the user experience. Engage with talented hosts, join party rooms, and show support through animated gifts. Stay connected by following favorite hosts, commenting on streams, and participating in group chats. Overcome language barriers with the live translation function that instantly translates verbal and textual content. Stand out by gaining VIP levels, subscribing to the Premium Membership, and purchasing unique profile frames. Share your live stream or highlights on multiple social media platforms with one click, and post moments or short videos to earn likes and gifts. Play mini games in the Game Center, contribute to crowdfunding, and buy gifts in the Gift Market. Complete daily missions to earn Beans for purchasing cool vehicles and profile frames. The exclusive membership MVP monthly subscription offers additional benefits. Users can cancel the subscription or renew it through iTunes/Apple ID settings management. Privacy policy and terms of use are provided for more information. Connect with Uplive on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram for updates. For any feedback or inquiries, contact Official Customer Service. For collaboration opportunities, email [email protected].

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