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Toll Calculator GPS Navigation

This text is an abstract for an app that provides accurate and reliable toll calculations for truckers. The app is available on both Apple and Google platforms and is designed specifically to help truckers save on toll fees and streamline load calculations. It allows users to input truck details for accurate toll calculations and offers a truck load board calculator to find profitable loads quickly. The app supports various vehicles, including buses, RVs, motorcycles, and cars, up to 9-axle trucks. It covers all toll roads in the United States and Canada, including the 407 ETR. Users can calculate toll fees based on different payment methods/transponders and choose different time slots for time-based toll roads. The app displays distances, travel time, and toll booths for each route on the map and offers the option to calculate routes from the current location. It also allows users to send route information to navigation apps like Apple and Google maps. The app shows tolls on both Apple and Google routes and provides fixed fee information for some toll roads. It also displays travel advisories, such as stations not accepting cash payments. The app charges a higher subscription fee for trucks due to their specialized features and data requirements. The disclaimer states that the routes provided by the app are suitable for 2-axle cars only, and users should independently verify their safety and legality for trucks, buses, and RVs. The toll rates provided are for cost estimation purposes and may not be accurate. The app is not affiliated with any tolling agency. The terms of in-app purchases are detailed, including payment and subscription renewal information. The privacy policy and terms of service for the app can be found on the website provided.

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