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TantuMap (Offline Navigation)

TantuMap is a convenient map and GPS Navigation app that is specifically designed for travelers. It provides comprehensive information for over 200+ countries and is also built to be used offline, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Key features of TantuMap include:

- Fully offline use: Users can search and navigate any location, even without an internet connection.

- Worldwide coverage: The app covers over 200+ countries and millions of interesting places.

- Designed for travelers: TantuMap highlights the best hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, and things to do in various exciting destinations around the world.

- Global public transit routing: The app offers directions for subway, buses, trains, ferries, and other modes of public transportation.

- Designed for road trips with advanced navigation: The app provides popular road trip routes, useful travel ideas, turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation with lane assistant, alerts for speed-limit cameras and traffic cameras, intelligent route re-planning, driving safety tips, and live traffic information.

- Automatic trip recording: TantuMap includes a tool for recording trips, allowing users to easily track their journeys by leaving their phone in their pocket.

- Street view integrated: The app seamlessly integrates with Google Street View to provide users with a street-level perspective of their surroundings.

Please note that continuous use of GPS running in the background can significantly reduce battery life.

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