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Traffic Maps: realtime info

The Traffic Maps app provides real-time traffic updates on two interactive maps. Users can view their current position while driving on each map, with the option to zoom in independently and have the app remember the preferred zoom level for future use. The size of the maps can also be customized, and users can choose to display only one map if desired.

Additional features include the ability to make the map follow the direction of the user's vehicle or show the map with a northward bearing. Users can also decide if the map will be displayed in the direction they are moving or if their location will be centered on the map.

Moreover, the app allows users to select the automatic, manual, or time-based centering of a map after it has been moved. This functionality enables users to easily monitor the traffic conditions of their desired highway exit and make informed decisions about alternate routes in cases of traffic congestion.

The Pro version of Traffic Maps offers an ad-free experience, features a Siri shortcut, and provides different map styles for further customization.

It is important to note that the app utilizes the device's GPS, which may lead to quick battery drainage.

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