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Bus Simulator : Ultimate

This text is an abstract for a bus simulator game called "Bus Simulator: Ultimate." The game features licensed Mercedes-Benz Travego, Mercedes-Benz Tourismo, and Setra buses. Players can experience realistic routes and a bus driving experience. The game offers various city maps and bus stations from countries around the world.

Players can establish their own bus company and aim to become the largest bus corporation globally. They can hire employees, manage the business, and maximize profits. The game includes 32 amazing coach buses, a used bus market, detailed cockpits, and a passenger system with social and realistic reactions. Players may receive reviews from passengers.

Other features of the game include a free multiplayer option, highway toll roads, a realistic traffic system, realistic weather, and 250+ radio stations. The game supports multiple languages and provides easy controls through tilt, buttons, or a steering wheel.

The text also mentions subscription options for the game, specifically the Vip Ultimate membership, which offers monthly benefits such as playing multiplayer, receiving monthly money, gold, trucks, and an ad-free experience. Payment for the subscription is charged through the iTunes Account.

The abstract ends with information about the intellectual property of the Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Daimler Truck AG, as well as links to the official website and social media accounts of the game.

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