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Police Simulator Cop Car Games

Police Car Simulator 2022 Cop Racing Multiplayer is an exciting new online game that allows you to catch street racers in multiplayer mode. Immerse yourself in a big open world filled with stunt roads and utilize the latest car models. Experience thrilling moments with this police drift simulator as you drive real police cop cars in a vast open city. Explore miles of road and even get out of your vehicle to navigate on foot. This action-packed game offers a hugely open-world driving experience with various environments such as the city, construction sites, and dockyards. Enjoy drifting, stunt jumps, and fully customize your cop cars. Encounter realistic and intense Traffic AI as you embrace the realistic driving physics and high-quality vehicles. Choose between different easy-to-use driving controls, including touch, wheel, and tilt controls, and enjoy dynamic drifting camera angles. Upgrade your driving skills and have the ultimate driving experience with this top-notch police car simulator.

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