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Driving Academy 2: 3D Car Game

Driving Academy 2: 3D Car Game is an exciting driving simulator that offers a realistic and immersive experience. With a wide range of car options, extreme weather conditions, and accurate physics, players can master their driving and Parking skills without having to attend a physical driving school. The game features 50 road signs to learn and 200 levels to play, including Career and Challenges modes. Players can also earn extra coins by driving passengers to their destinations in the Open World mode. With 90 different cars to choose from, players can collect and customize their vehicles with various decals, spoilers, rims, and neon lights. The game is available in 25 languages, ensuring a global audience can enjoy the experience. Take your driving skills to the next level by downloading Driving Academy 2: 3D Car Game today. Visit the official website or follow Games2win on social media for more information.

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