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HeyTell® is a cross-platform voice messenger that allows users to instantly talk with friends and family without the need for an account. Users can simply start the app, choose a contact, and push a button to start talking. The app enables users to send and receive voice messages with other HeyTell users with the press of a single button, offering a quicker and free alternative to SMS. It also has very low data usage, comparable to sending an email.

The app features push notifications that alert users whenever a voice message is received, even when the app is closed. HeyTell now also supports Apple Watch, allowing users to send texts through the app. The app works on any internet connection and provides superior audio quality with a frequency range double that of a cell phone call.

Users have the option to favorite and export messages they like to email or Facebook. They can also export the messages they record to various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, and more. Additional extras include the ability to set alert tones, send messages to groups, change voice, automatically expire and batch-delete messages, and add emojis to your name.

HeyTell offers various privacy levels, allowing users to control how others can contact them without an invite. These privacy levels range from low privacy, where anyone with their contact information can connect with them, to high privacy, where no one can connect until their invitation is accepted. It's important to note that carriers may charge for SMS invites, but email invites and low privacy direct connections are typically free.

Location sharing is also available for selected contacts during a conversation. Conversations can be saved and replayed offline or deleted as desired. All data and audio transmitted on HeyTell is encrypted in transit. The app supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, with 2G and 3G iPod Touches requiring an external microphone.

HeyTell emphasizes the importance of privacy and does not require users to share personal information, phone numbers, or email addresses to connect with contacts. For more information, users can visit the privacy and FAQ pages on the HeyTell website.

Overall, HeyTell allows users to use the app as a walkie talkie, intercom, or instant voice Messaging system to send quick voice messages to friends and family. The integrated geolocation feature helps users locate their friends when they've received incorrect directions.

For any problems or questions, users can refer to the FAQ page on the HeyTell website, email [email protected], follow them on Twitter @heytell, or "Like" them on Facebook. In the case of receiving an "inbox full" message, users do not need to delete the app or messages. It simply means that their friend needs to listen or reply to the messages sent before they can continue sending messages.

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