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Subliminal: Affirmations is an app that aims to develop your subconscious mind using positive affirmations, subliminal messages, and daily quotes. It offers a range of resources to attract money and success, lose weight, improve relationships, develop positive habits, and more.

Studies have shown that a significant portion of our behaviors and beliefs, about 95%, stem from our subconscious mind. This means that our subconscious influences our thoughts and actions without our awareness. Subliminal messages in the form of audio work in a similar way to hypnosis. They slowly send suggestions to your subconscious mind, rewiring your thought patterns and helping you develop beneficial habits and beliefs. It's like having a supportive friend who encourages you to adopt positive changes for a happier life. These messages seem to whisper in your ear, motivating you to embrace new things while listening to the subliminal audios.

The app offers a variety of subliminal audios, including boosting self-confidence, applying the Law of Attraction, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, attracting money, losing weight, treating anxiety, relieving insomnia, attracting success, manifesting wealth, reducing stress, becoming a millionaire, loving yourself, opening your third eye, attracting your soul mate, developing a positive attitude, enjoying exercise, fostering positive thinking, and much more.

In addition to the pre-made affirmations provided in the app's library, Subliminal encourages users to create and record their own affirmations. Whether you want to improve or build any aspect of your life, writing it down, reading it, and recording your voice can greatly help you achieve your goals.

For those in need of spiritual uplifting, the app also offers daily quotes. These quotes serve as motivation and inspiration throughout the day, helping users maintain a positive mindset and achieve success. The quotes are updated daily, providing a fresh start to each new day.

Subliminal operates on a subscription basis, with automatic renewal within 24 hours of the end of each billing period. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account. The option to turn off auto-renewal is available in your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be issued for any unused portion of the subscription term. Alternatively, Subliminal offers a Forever Subscription, which grants unlimited access to all sessions for a one-off upfront payment of $89.99.

For more information about privacy, you can refer to the app's Privacy Policy, and for the terms of service, you can consult its Terms of Use.

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