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Albert: Budgeting and Banking

Albert is a financial management app that allows users to bank, save, invest, and budget. With a Genius subscription, users can take advantage of features such as automatic saving and investing, overdraft protection, access to a team of money experts, early direct deposit, cash back rewards, and identity protection. Albert is not a bank, but rather partners with FDIC-insured banks for its savings accounts and employs Sutton Bank for its debit card. The app also offers guidance on topics like budgeting, credit cards, student loans, and home buying. Users can receive up to $250 in overdraft protection with Genius, and Albert's security measures include FDIC insurance for savings accounts and SIPC coverage for securities accounts. Genius subscriptions start at $12.49 per month and offer various benefits and services. Some conditions and eligibility requirements apply to certain features. Albert Investments, LLC offers advisory services, and Albert Securities LLC offers self-directed investment services. The app calculates credit scores using the VantageScore 3.0 model from Experian, which may differ from the score used by lenders.

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