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Emoji Me Sticker Maker

Design animated emojis that can resemble yourself, your friends, or even your favorite celebrities! These emojis are not simply static images, but instead, they come to life with animation. You can choose from a variety of expressions such as happiness, thumbs up, facepalm, and many more. Plus, you have the option to add your own personalized text to each emoji.

Once you have created your perfect emoji, easily send them to your friends and family through various messaging platforms including iMessage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The possibilities are endless as there are over 1 trillion combinations to explore!

Sending emojis is absolutely free via iMessage, other popular messaging apps, or as a regular text message (MMS). However, it is advisable to check with your phone provider if they charge additional fees for sending MMS compared to regular text messages.

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Please note that the icons used in this app are created by Smashicons ( and Vitaly Gorbachev ( from

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