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Copper - Bank & Earn Money

Copper is a Banking app specifically designed to teach kids and teens about money, while allowing parents to monitor and guide their financial activities. The app offers a safe learning environment where kids can bank, save, and invest their money, with real-time monitoring and alerts for parents.

For kids and teens, Copper provides various benefits such as a personalized debit card, the ability to shop in-store or online, instant access to money from parents, opportunities to learn smart investing, and the ability to track their spending and set savings goals.

For parents, Copper offers the convenience of sending money instantly to their kids through the app, automating allowance payments, and monitoring their child's spending with real-time alerts. The app is backed by financial literacy experts, providing a safe learning environment for kids to develop confidence and independence in managing their finances.

Copper offers different plans that include features like built-in financial literacy, a savings account, rewards, a debit card, access to ATMs, automated saving and investing, and zero fees. The Copper + Invest plan also provides a diversified investment portfolio and priority access to customer support.

Copper aims to provide peace of mind for parents and financial education and empowerment for kids. Learn more about Copper on their website.

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