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Optum Bank

The Optum Bank app is designed to enhance the benefits of your health account by providing clear tips on maximizing your financial resources. It offers guidance on how to optimize your health savings account, flexible spending account, or other spending accounts.

With the latest app update, you can conveniently keep track of all your account balances, discover new ways to utilize your health account funds, and easily pay for health costs. The app also serves as a centralized platform for storing your healthcare receipts and provides information on eligible health expenses.

Furthermore, the app allows you to view your health account balances and transactions from anywhere, offering a comprehensive overview of your financial situation. Additionally, it enables you to shop for eligible health-related items and services using your Optum card or digital wallet, while also providing the functionality to pay bills and submit claims for reimbursement.

In case you have any questions, the app provides answers through its customer support feature, allowing you to easily find the information you need or send an email inquiry.

To access the app, you must have an Optum Bank health account. If you are an Optum Bank customer and need to update your account credentials, please visit

Optum Bank is a leading health accounts administrator with a vast customer asset worth over $19.8 billion. It aims to revolutionize the intersection of health and finance by leveraging its proprietary technology and advanced analytics to reduce costs and empower individuals to make informed health decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall healthcare experience for customers.

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