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PocketGuard・Money&Bill Tracker

PocketGuard is a free Budgeting app that simplifies personal finance with smart algorithms. It takes care of tasks like expense tracking and bill monitoring so you can focus on money management.

The "IN MY POCKET" feature helps you determine your disposable income after paying bills, saving for goals, and meeting needs and wants. The app calculates the safe-to-spend amount, ensuring you stay within your monthly budget.

PocketGuard's comprehensive analytics provide various reports to help you understand your spending habits and optimize your budget.

As a bill organizer, PocketGuard automatically identifies your bills and subscriptions, ensuring you never miss a due date. It also helps you negotiate better rates and manage forgotten subscriptions.

The app offers tools to set and reach your financial goals, allowing you to spend less and save more effectively.

PocketGuard also enables you to create a debt-payoff plan by connecting your credit and loan accounts. Its smart algorithm determines the most profitable repayment strategy to save you money on interest.

To ensure security, PocketGuard uses bank-level encryption, PIN codes, and biometrics.

Please note that PocketGuard is only available for U.S. and Canadian financial institutions.

Although PocketGuard offers a premium subscription called PocketGuard Plus with additional features, it is not required to use the app. Subscription prices vary, ranging from $7.99 per month to a one-time purchase of $79.99.

For more information on privacy and terms of use, please visit the following links:

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