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Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating

This text is an advertisement for an anonymous chat room app called AntiLand. The app boasts over 42 million users who can use it to meet new friends, confess secrets, or find partners to date online. The app is free to join and use.

AntiLand promises cool chat rooms and self-destructing messages, allowing users to talk about anything with strangers. The app emphasizes anonymity, ensuring that users can share secrets or simply pass the time without fear of being judged or having their real names revealed.

The app also offers a community where users can ask questions on any topic and receive answers from experienced members. It encourages users to be honest together and discover new confessions.

The app has several anti-features, including no names, no history, no ads, no spam, no bots, and no violence. These features aim to create a safe and enjoyable environment for users.

There are common rules for all chat rooms on the app, including the importance of keeping shared secrets within AntiLand and the prevention of trolling, bullying, and agitating. Inappropriate content is not allowed, and users are prohibited from sharing personal data or mentioning other social networking or dating apps.

The app offers a Super Powers subscription, which grants users access to additional features such as custom avatars, boosted chat positions, increased karma, and more. There are two subscription plans available, and payments are billed automatically unless canceled.

To ensure user safety, AntiLand provides a General User Agreement, and users can access frequently asked questions and the privacy policy for more information.

Please note that AntiLand is not associated with Chatroulette, Omegle, Hot or Not, or similar services, and does not provide video chats. The chat rooms are filtered and pre-moderated to prevent inappropriate content. The app is powered by PubNub and AWS.

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