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Daily Budget Original

Rated 5 stars and loved by thousands of users! Unlike traditional complicated Budgeting apps, Daily Budget Original focuses on being simple, easy and actually fun to use.

The app does not connect to bank accounts, so there is no need to enter your online banking log in data. Also, we do not sell user data. The data stays on your device only. If you want to sync your data, you can encrypt it before uploading it to the cloud.

Many users are happy and saving a lot of money with the free version, without any additional paid features. Free features include daily budget calculation, planning and saving for big spending, basic categories for expenses, and backup. Paid features include more and customizable categories, data encryption, PIN protection, multi users via Dropbox, removal of ads, CSV file export, and analysis graphs.

User reviews for the app are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising its effectiveness and simplicity. Media outlets such as Seventeen Magazine, Apppicker, and Appadvice have also recognized the app for its innovative approach to budgeting and saving.

To use the app, simply enter your regular income and recurring expenses, along with your savings goal. The app will calculate your daily budget based on the formula (Income – Expenses – Savings)/Number of days in a month. By staying below your daily budget, you can watch your savings grow while making budgeting a fun game.

Overall, Daily Budget Original offers a user-friendly and effective approach to budgeting and saving, with features that can be customized to fit individual needs. The app prioritizes user privacy and does not require any sensitive banking information.

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