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ONE@Work (formerly Even)

ONE@Work (formerly Even) is a company that partners with leading employers, like Walmart, to offer tools that enable individuals to have control over their pay. These tools aim to simplify the process and eliminate any hassles.

ONE@Work provides several features, including the option to get paid early through Instapay. With Instapay, users can access their net earnings before payday, which can be helpful for unexpected expenses. Importantly, there are no fees or hidden interest associated with this service.

Another feature is the ability to track earnings. Users can view their work schedule and easily calculate how much they will earn per shift and per paycheck. This eliminates the need for guesswork.

Additionally, ONE@Work offers automatic savings. Users can choose a percentage they wish to save, and this amount will be automatically deducted from their paycheck.

Budgeting is made easy with ONE@Work. When users link their bank account, the platform helps them calculate what they can afford to spend. This feature ensures that users can manage their finances effectively.

It is essential to note that ONE@Work is only available as an employer-provided benefit. Furthermore, ONE@Work Save is powered by either Cross River Bank, Member FDIC, or Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

There are, however, some limitations to the services. For example, Instapay is currently unavailable for Walmart associates in NY. Additionally, features such as tracking earnings and avoiding fees are dependent on employers configuring these benefits within the app.

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