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Cost Track: your Money Tracker

Cost Track is a personal finance app that helps you manage your money wisely and keep track of your personal and family budget. With Cost Track, you can quickly enter your income and expenses and view them grouped by category and location. This allows you to know exactly where your money goes, how to save money, and where to get the best deals. Furthermore, Cost Track allows you to view your current balance for all accounts and each one separately, giving you a clear understanding of how much money you currently have. You can also save your spending history for future reference.

The key features of Cost Track include cost sheets, which are lists of entries grouped by various features such as accounts or events. You can create and manage as many cost sheets as you need, and each cost sheet can have its own currency. The app calculates and displays your overall balance and statistics in the base currency. You can also remove a cost sheet from tracking if you don't want it to impact your overall balance and statistics. Additionally, Cost Track allows you to make transfers between cost sheets in various currencies.

In terms of income and expenses, Cost Track enables you to create new entries in seconds, with categories being the only required field. You can adjust the date and time of your entries and add comments to keep track of when and how you spend your money. Specifying a location will allow you to see where you spend your money and get statistics based on location. You can also add photos or audio recordings to your entries for additional information and convenience. The app includes a built-in calculator for easy expense calculations, and you can convert currencies directly within the app.

Other notable features of Cost Track include the ability to sync your data via Dropbox for joint budget management, support for over 150 different currencies with automatic currency exchange rate updates, pre-installed income and expense categories that can be customized to your preference, and detailed statistics and diagrams that provide a visual representation of your income and expenses. You can customize these statistics and diagrams using filters and create PDF reports.

To protect your data, Cost Track offers PIN and TouchID/FaceID options for added security. You can also save and download your data via iCloud for backup and transfer between devices. The app is compatible with 3D Touch, providing a more immersive user experience.

It's important to note that while there is a free version of Cost Track available, it has limitations on the number of cost sheets and entries allowed, and does not include the synchronization feature via Dropbox for joint budget management. To remove these restrictions, users can upgrade to the full version with a one-time purchase or purchase a subscription. The subscription pricing can be found within the app.

To ensure transparency, Cost Track's privacy policy and terms of use can be found on their website. If you enjoy using Cost Track, the developers encourage you to rate the app in the App Store.

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