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Empower Personal Dashboard™

This text is an abstract for Empower's free app that aims to help users reach their financial goals and take control of their financial life. The app allows users to have all their financial accounts in one place, see their true net worth, plan for retirement, track their portfolio, and more. Empower is described as more than a financial tool, offering a professional-grade tech experience tailored to the user's needs. The app features a Personal Dashboard that brings together all financial accounts, including bank accounts, 401k, IRA, investments, stocks, and debt. Users can track their net worth, plan for retirement using a retirement planner and Calculator , budget expenses, and monitor their investments. The text also mentions that Empower prioritizes the security of users' financial data and provides multiple layers of security to protect accounts and keep information private. The abstract concludes by inviting users to take control of their finances and future.

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