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Today's Budget - Money Tracker

"Make Your Money Last with Daily Budgeting " is a text that introduces a budgeting app called Today's Budget. The app aims to help users manage their income, bills, and savings by converting them into daily amounts, ensuring that money is distributed effectively throughout the month. The app strives to simplify budgeting by transforming it from a complex task into a simple one, utilizing intuitive thinking rather than analytical thinking. The text highlights the app's commitment to privacy, with no bank connections, tracking, or monetization of user data. It emphasizes that data is securely stored only on the user's device and iCloud. The text also provides an overview of the app's key features, including budget management and calculation, budgeting with a partner, savings and goal tracking, financial analysis, data sync and backup, customization, and device compatibility. The abstract omits the paragraphs containing links to Reddit, Instagram, and the app's terms of use and privacy policy.

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