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Monarch: Budget & Track Money

Monarch is a comprehensive financial management tool designed to help users track expenses and manage their money effectively. With customizable dashboards, users can focus on what matters most to them and easily track expenses, savings, and investments in one simplified view. The platform also features a calendar that allows users to manage subscriptions and track recurring expenses, providing a clear picture of upcoming charges. Monarch makes saving money simple by allowing users to set and track personal finance goals, understanding how their income, spending, and savings behaviors impact their financial future over time.

The platform offers new features such as managing subscriptions and bills with a calendar, viewing recurring charges with attributes, and incorporating them into existing plans or future projections. Additionally, Monarch provides investment tracking by syncing holdings and comparing portfolio performance to key benchmarks. The integration with Coinbase and Zillow enables users to track their crypto holdings and property value. With Monarch's budget tracker, users can track spending, income, assets, and their overall net worth, ensuring they have a complete financial picture. If users deviate from their budget, Monarch provides the necessary tools to make adjustments without guilt.

Expense tracking is made easy with Monarch's automatic categorization and alerts for changes, allowing users to set up rules for recategorizing future transactions. Monthly summaries of expenses and income provide an overview of cash flow, and expense breakdowns reveal spending habits with detailed information about top merchants. Monarch’s custom dashboard securely connects users' accounts, assets, and liabilities for a comprehensive overview. Up-to-date balances and transactions are displayed in a simple and intuitive design. Customizable widgets further facilitate on-the-go financial tracking, and collaborating with a partner allows for a joint view of finances.

Monarch's financial planner helps users create long-term goals and stay on track while receiving motivation and enjoying the progress towards milestones. Leftover savings can be applied to these goals at the end of each month, and users can witness their monthly income, spending, and savings behaviors compound over time.

When signing up for a Monarch membership, users gain access to the roadmap portal, where they can suggest and vote on features to improve their financial life. Monarch is ad-free and prioritizes user privacy. The platform employs bank-level security and does not store any financial credentials. It operates on a read-only basis, ensuring no money can be moved. Monarch is committed to protecting user privacy and will never sell personal or financial information to third parties.

Monarch offers a free 7-day trial, after which a membership fee is billed either monthly or annually, depending on the chosen plan. The platform's privacy policy and terms of use can be found on their website. With Monarch, users can take control of their personal finance and achieve financial clarity and control.

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