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Spendee Money & Budget Planner

Save money effortlessly with Spendee, a FREE Budgeting app used by almost 3.000.000 people worldwide. By tracking spendings and optimizing budgets, users can easily stick to their financial goals and stay organized. Connect Spendee with your online banking or digital wallets to see all your money in one place. The app categorizes expenses, provides infographics and graphs, and offers insights to help users achieve their savings targets. Create budgets, receive progress notifications, and learn financial management through personal insights. Spendee also features shared finances, multiple currencies, labels for detailed transaction analysis, a dark mode, and a web version for a bigger screen. The intuitive design and attractive charts make it easy to understand where your money is going and make better financial decisions. Sync your bank account and be your own money manager with Spendee. Download now and start planning for the future.

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