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Delta Investment Tracker

Delta is a free Investment tracking app that allows users to keep track of their various assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, commodities, NFTs, and forex, in one place. By connecting with brokers, exchanges, wallets, or banks, Delta provides users with a crystal clear overview of their investments and keeps them informed about everything they need to know. With powerful tools, charts, and real-time price tracking, Delta helps users make better investment decisions and improve their wealth and quality of life. The app also offers tailored news from top sources and allows users to manage and track NFTs in their portfolio. Delta's smart notifications and price alerts ensure that users are always in the loop, and the app is used by top investors for its advanced features and insights. Delta can be easily logged into using eToro and offers unlimited connections to exchanges, wallets, and brokers for Delta Pro users. With Delta, users can stay well-informed and take control of their finances.

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