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Fundrise: Invest in Alts

Fundrise is America's largest direct-to-consumer alternative asset manager, allowing individuals to build a portfolio of private assets including real estate and venture capital. Using a fully integrated technology platform, Fundrise manages a $7+ billion portfolio of assets aimed at preserving and growing investors' capital. The platform offers the opportunity to invest in private real estate for consistent cash flow and long-term growth, as well as in high-growth private technology companies. Fundrise's technology platform provides real-time oversight, low fees, scalability, and improved performance management. The platform also emphasizes diversification beyond stocks and bonds, offering exposure to high-quality private market assets to minimize portfolio risk. Fundrise prioritizes transparency, allowing investors to track the progress of their investments in real time. The platform ensures bank-level security and offers easy integration with major banks. Starting with a flexible minimum Investment , individuals can set their investment strategy and grow their portfolio over time.

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