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Futubull-Easy Investment

FutuBull is a comprehensive digital financial service platform provided by Futu Holdings Limited. This platform offers professional services and technical analysis tools that are accessible on all devices. Users can access the Investment community, stay updated with 24/7 financial news, receive real-time quotes, and access all-rounded data and technical analysis.

The special features of FutuBull include the ability to access stock markets in Hong Kong, the United States, China, and Singapore through a single account. Users can also receive real-time quotes from these markets, utilize AI analysis, access 24/7 financial news, and enjoy various functions to help maximize profits. Additionally, users can interact with investment experts and fellow traders for shared experiences and inspiration.

FutuBull provides powerful data and research tools such as speedy real-time quotes that refresh every 0.3 seconds, AI-driven alerts, over 50 free technical indicators, and more than 22 drawing tools. Users can gain market insight from big data analysis reports on various aspects of the market to enhance their investment decision-making.

International stocks trading is available on the platform, allowing users to make investment decisions in the stock markets of Hong Kong, the United States, China, Singapore, and other opportunities. They can access US stock trading and quotes for up to 16 hours, including pre-market and post-market hours. Users can also set earnings calendar reminders and receive conditional alerts for dynamic market changes. The platform also provides 24/7 global financial news coverage on stocks, commodities, and the global economy.

FutuBull offers an active community with thousands of users where traders can share ideas, experiences, and trends. Users can learn investment skills from experts and lectures, participate in mock trading for practice, and stay updated with Futu promotions and events.

It is important to note that all investments involve risks and users should exercise caution. For any questions, users can contact FutuBull through their official website, WeChat public number, or company address.

Subscription services are available for various features on the platform, with different subscription cycles. Subscriptions are automatically renewed and deducted, and cancellation should be done at least 24 hours before the end of the period. Privacy policy and terms of service details can be found on the FutuBull website.

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