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MarketWatch - News & Data

The MarketWatch app for iPhone and iPad provides easy access to the latest business news, financial information, and market data. Users can download the app to stay informed with breaking news stories, videos, and in-depth analysis. The app also features real-time market data, including index movements, stock prices, and other key securities information. Users can receive market-moving alerts on their mobile devices.

The app provides a range of features, including access to the latest stock market, finance, business, and investing news from MarketWatch. Article headlines and images are featured alongside real-time market data for each relevant ticker. The app covers various topics such as personal finance, investing, technology, politics, energy, retail, and retirement planning.

The MarketWatch app also offers a comprehensive market data center with real-time updates on stocks, commodities, rates, and currencies. Detailed stock quote pages provide key trading information and interactive charts from major global markets. Users can track stock market data over different date ranges and regions for a more comprehensive understanding of the markets.

The app includes a Watchlist feature that allows users to track their stock picks and stay updated on their investments. The Watchlist can be synced with, allowing registered users to track stocks on the go. Multiple personalized watchlists can be created and viewed across devices and platforms.

The app also provides article sharing and saving capabilities, allowing users to save stories for later reading and share them instantly via social media, text message, and email.

Please note that the app has a privacy notice and terms of use which can be reviewed via the provided links.

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