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Sweater: Invest in Startups

This text is an abstract for a venture capital investing platform called Sweater. It highlights how Sweater aims to make venture capital investing accessible to all retail investors by revolutionizing the market. The platform's mission is to unleash wealth creation through venture capital investing and offers the opportunity to invest in promising StartUps that will shape the future. Sweater's ultimate goal is to surpass the stock market by investing intelligently in venture capital-backed startups. The platform provides a seamless and convenient investing experience through its revolutionary app and its VC fund, the Cashmere Fund. Sweater allows investors to invest at their own pace, set up automatic contributions, and offers fully-managed investing with due diligence conducted on the investor's behalf. Investors can dive deep into the companies they hold ownership in and have periodic windows for withdrawal. The text ends with an invitation for investors to download the app and become investors in the startups of tomorrow.

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