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MetaTrader 4

This text is an abstract for a mobile trading platform called MetaTrader 4 for iPhone or iPad. It allows users to connect to hundreds of brokers and trade on currency markets. The platform offers real-time quotes of financial instruments, a full set of trade orders, and trading from charts. It also provides advanced functionality such as high-performance charts, customizable chart color schemes, and the ability to display four charts in one window on iPad. Users can perform technical analysis with interactive real-time price charts, 30 technical indicators, and 24 analytical objects. The platform also includes features for accessing financial news, secure chats with other traders, and support for push-notifications. To trade with real money, users need to open a real trading account with a financial company that has installed the MetaTrader 4 server component and has the appropriate permissions. Please note that trading financial products involves a high risk of losing money, and users should consider their understanding of these products and their ability to afford the risk. MetaQuotes, the software company behind MetaTrader 4, does not provide financial services.

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