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Real Estate Investing Analyst

This text describes an app for iPad and iPhone that helps users evaluate real estate investments, structure mortgage financing, and determine pricing based on valuation metrics. The app is designed to be sophisticated yet user-friendly and is suitable for single-family, multifamily, and commercial real estate investments.

The app offers several unique features, including the ability to change offer prices based on different valuation metrics such as internal rate of return, cash on cash return, capitalization rate, or price per square foot. It also includes a Financing Likelihood Indicator that shows the potential viability of proposed financing structures based on bank loan asset quality metrics.

The basic version of the app allows users to create unlimited expense items for one property at a time, while the upgraded version offers unlimited tenant units, revenue items, and properties. It also allows users to find and download property data and Investment assumptions created by other users around the world and share their own property data with other devices or users.

The app provides options for generalizing or customizing revenue and expense growth by year for each item and allows common building expenses to be shared with tenants on a tenant-by-tenant basis. It includes a professional investment report feature that can be sent as PDF attachments via email.

Unique to this real estate app is the inclusion of income tax projections, including the tax benefits associated with building depreciation. It allows users to add unlimited purchase and sale expense items and provides capital expenditure projections by year and by unit/tenant. The projected sale value can be based on different factors such as price appreciation, capitalization rate, or a discount rate with perpetual growth formula.

The app offers the flexibility to produce 35-year cash flow projections with just two inputs or hundreds, making it suitable for both beginners and sophisticated investors. It also includes a built-in mortgage calculator and an internal rate of return calculator with a fully detailed table. Users can easily add property pictures to the property profile and PDF presentations.

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