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Strike is a secure and efficient platform for sending money globally and buying bitcoin. With no transaction fees, users can create an account quickly and easily connect their money to the worldwide network. Through Strike, users can send money internationally to supported countries without additional transaction fees, allowing more money to reach its intended destination. Additionally, users can buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin without transaction fees, starting with as little as $0.01. The Lightning Network enables instant payment of invoices using bitcoin or cash, even if the recipient does not have Strike. Users can also set up recurring purchases of bitcoin at regular intervals or buy bitcoin directly from a linked bank account. Strike allows users to send bitcoin using their cash balance and receive bitcoin as cash, eliminating taxes and volatility. Bitcoin can be requested and deposited into a Strike bitcoin balance through on-chain addresses or Lightning requests. Paying anyone, anywhere in cash or bitcoin is effortless on Strike. The platform prioritizes security, owning and managing all of its infrastructure to reduce counterparty risk and ensure the robustness of its products. However, certain features and services may be limited to supported regions, and the availability of the Strike App is subject to jurisdictional limitations. Additionally, the balance referred to as "cash" in the app for users outside the U.S. is held in Tether (USDT) and not in fiat currency. It's important to note that bitcoin and USD (or USDT) on the platform are not protected by deposit insurance and all investments involve risk, potentially resulting in the loss of principal.

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