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CoinZoom: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

CoinZoom offers a secure Cryptocurrency exchange and trading app that allows users to instantly buy Bitcoin with a debit card and deposit funds into their crypto wallet. The app is designed to cater to both novice and seasoned traders, with tools available for managing crypto assets.

Key features of the product include:

- Secure crypto exchange wallet: CoinZoom employs advanced security technologies, such as KYC (identity verification), biometrics for quick login, security PIN settings, and 2FA authentication, to protect customer accounts.

- Funding options: Users can easily transfer funds to their crypto wallet using a debit card, ACH, bank wire transfers, or popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Paxos, and NFT tokens.

- Buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies: The app supports buying Bitcoin with a debit card, as well as trading various crypto coins using blockchain technology. Users can also sell, trade, or send crypto and fiat to friends and family across the globe instantly.

- Metal Visa Card: CoinZoom is the first US crypto exchange to issue its own Visa debit cards. Customers can convert their crypto holdings to US Dollars and use the card for everyday expenses in 192 countries and at over 53 million merchants worldwide. Depending on the Visa card selected, users can earn up to 5% rewards back on purchases.

- Free money transfer service: CoinZoom's ZoomMe feature allows users to seamlessly transfer crypto or send money to friends and family internationally, supporting USD, Bitcoin, and other crypto coins.

- 24/7 customer support: CoinZoom offers round-the-clock support chat, an online knowledge base, and email support for any inquiries or account-related questions.

CoinZoom also supports stablecoins like Tether, USDC Coin, and Dai, as well as popular DeFi tokens like Uniswap and Chainlink.

The app welcomes user feedback to improve the trading experience. Users can connect with CoinZoom through various channels, including the support website, social media platforms, and email.

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