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iReader-Story, Novel & E-book

Calling all book and comic enthusiasts! Introducing iReader, a platform dedicated to romantic storytelling for avid readers worldwide. Join us now and don't miss out!

Why choose iReader? Here are some reasons:

1. Exclusive collection of copyrighted novels available only on iReader.

2. Explore various genres and find the perfect match for your reading preferences.

3. Daily updates with new and exciting stories.

4. Weekly updates with free stories to keep you entertained.

5. User-friendly interface that allows for easy reading by simply sliding the screen.

6. Enjoy reading even when you're offline.

Key features of iReader include:

1. Typesetting that rivals the layout of traditional paper books.

2. Support for both vertical and horizontal screen orientation.

3. Compatibility with different file formats, including EPUB, TXT, MOBI, and UMD.

4. Eye-protection mode to prevent fatigue while reading.

5. Auto-Read function for a hands-free reading experience.

6. Organize your personal library with drag-and-drop functionality.

7. Convenient wireless transmission to import files between your phone and computer.

For iReader's agreement and privacy policy, please visit the following links:

- iReader Agreement

- iReader Privacy

Where to download "iReader-Story, Novel & E-book"?

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