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Manobook: My Good Story Reader

Manobook is a mobile book Reading app that offers a wide selection of novels and stories in various genres, including fiction, romance, fantasy, mafia, CEO, martial world, and more. With addictive popular novels available, readers can enjoy free trial reading chapters and episodes, as well as limited-time offers to read entire books for free. The app also provides daily free coins to unlock additional ebooks and chapters.

One of the key features of Manobook is the ability to customize reading settings, allowing users to adjust text size, font, color, background, and more to create the best reading experience on their mobile devices. Additionally, readers can save webnovel stories on the ereader for offline reading. The app supports multiple file formats, including PDF, EPUB, txt, and UMD.

For those who prefer audiobooks, Manobook offers an easy-to-use audiobook player to listen to the e-books. The app continues to attract talented authors and readers, offering a diverse range of mystical adventures and amazing stories.

Manobook also offers auto-renewable subscriptions, including Check-in Coins Packs, which provide users with additional benefits. The available Coins Packs range from $20 to $100. Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the start of each billing cycle until cancelled, and users may cancel their subscription at any time with more than 24 hours before the renewal date.

For more information on privacy policies, subscription terms and conditions, and terms of use, users can refer to the provided links. Any questions or advice can be directed to Manobook through email or the Facebook page.

Note: The links to the Privacy Policy, Subscription Terms and Conditions, and Terms of Use have been removed.

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