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Podcast & Radio - iVoox

iVoox is a podcast and radio app that allows users to listen, share, and download a wide range of content for free. The app features a variety of Podcasts , radio shows, courses, conferences, lectures, music, poems, and more. Users have the ability to access a curated selection of content, follow their favorite podcasts, and receive personalized recommendations. They can also listen to live radio, create playlists, download tracks for offline listening, and customize their listening experience with features such as playback speed control and sleep timer. The app offers a diverse range of categories and subcategories to easily find desired content. Additionally, users can search for tracks by category and subcategory. iVoox also provides access to popular English podcasts and radio shows, including BBC Radio programs. The app offers an ad-free experience with a monthly subscription, and feedback and suggestions for new features are welcome.

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