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Newsly: Audible News. Podcasts

Newsly is a text-to-speech and RSS feed player that allows users to listen to trending topics from the media and the internet. With Newsly, users can listen to audio articles, search trending news and Podcasts , and receive updates on various topics. The platform provides a relaxing and calm human voice reading articles from different sources and countries. It covers a wide range of sources, including major news outlets such as CNN, FOX NEWS, and BBC. Newsly also offers access to local news, a vast library of podcasts, and over 30,000 radio stations worldwide. The app is designed to be convenient, making it perfect for daily activities such as commuting or working out. Key features include free access to trending articles, personalized article selection, podcasts from different countries and languages, and global radio stations. Users can also get weather updates and provide feedback through the website.

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