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Pocket Casts: Podcast Player

Pocket Casts is a podcast platform designed for listeners, offering next-level listening, search, and discovery tools. The app provides hand curated podcast recommendations for easy discovery and allows users to enjoy their favorite shows without subscribing. The app has been praised by Wired and iMore as a must-have for iPhone users.

Pocket Casts offers a range of simple yet powerful features, including a customizable design, support for various themes, and a universal interface for iPad users. It also supports popular platforms such as CarPlay, AirPlay, Chromecast, and Sonos, allowing users to listen to Podcasts in more places than ever before.

The app also boasts powerful playback features, such as automatically building a playback queue, cutting silences to save time, changing playback speed, increasing volume boost, streaming episodes on the fly, and easily navigating between chapters. It also supports both audio and video formats and allows users to skip intros and jump through episodes with custom skip intervals.

Pocket Casts offers smart tools such as secure cloud storage for subscriptions, playback history, and filters, allowing users to seamlessly pick up where they left off on any device. The app also offers notifications for new episodes, auto-downloads for offline playback, custom filters for organizing episodes, and storage management tools.

Users can discover podcasts by browsing charts, networks, and categories, as well as subscribe to podcasts in iTunes and more. The app also allows for easy sharing of podcasts and episodes, as well as import and export of podcast collections via OPML.

Overall, Pocket Casts is a comprehensive podcasting app with a wide range of powerful features that make it a perfect choice for podcast enthusiasts. Visit for more information about the app and its supported platforms.

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