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Yiddish24 Jewish Podcasts/News

Yiddish24 is a free radio and podcast app that provides a wide range of content in the Yiddish language. The app offers live news reports, breaking news, interviews, weather and traffic alerts, and business news. Additionally, it provides political news and analysis, roundtable discussions, real-time coverage, and insightful lectures on health by renowned therapists and health experts. The app also includes interviews on experience and success, economy tips, business lessons, and manufacturing by famous entrepreneurs and business leaders. Furthermore, Yiddish24 features original podcast series on various topics such as history, Torah, politics, tech, finance, and more. It also offers a 24/6 Jewish Music Stream, new songs, album previews, and interviews with favorite artists. The app is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to quickly select and listen to their preferred content. Users are encouraged to provide feedback and inquiries via email. If you enjoy staying informed with real news and engaging lectures, Yiddish24 app may become your favorite.

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