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Bullhorn Podcast App & Player

Bullhorn is a podcasting app that aims to connect listeners and hosts. This app provides a platform for users to become actively involved in their favorite Podcasts through features like live chat, upvoting questions, participating in polls, and calling into the show. Additionally, Bullhorn offers standard podcasting app features such as discovering new podcasts, following and subscribing to favorites, downloading playlists, and receiving notifications for new episodes. The app also allows users to save their favorite episodes onto playlists and share them with others. With over 750,000 podcasts available, Bullhorn offers an extensive range of content. For podcasters, Bullhorn Studio provides tools to enhance their podcasting experience, such as incorporating visuals like ads and memes, tracking click-through rates for sponsorship advertisements, driving community engagement, and interacting directly with their audience. Whether users are seeking a podcasting app for regular listening or want to elevate their own podcast, Bullhorn promises a satisfying experience. For more information, individuals can visit the Bullhorn website or contact the company via email.

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