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Callin - Social Podcasting

Callin is a unique "Social Podcasting" platform that allows users to create, discover, and enjoy live and recorded audio content all in one place. With just a phone and something interesting to say, Callin empowers both creators and listeners to make the most out of audio without the need for a studio, equipment, or complicated post-production.

Creating content on Callin is simple and straightforward. Users can follow a few easy steps such as creating a show, hosting a live room, inviting friends or the public to join, allowing live listeners to participate via the caller queue, and easily publishing episodes with automatic recording and simple editing tools. Once published, users can share their content with the world.

Listeners also have the freedom to enjoy Callin on their own schedule. They can choose to join live conversations and actively participate, or they can listen to recorded episodes and experience the room exactly as it was at the time of recording. Additionally, listeners have the option to create highlights of their favorite clips and share them with their network. The discovery of new content is also made easier on Callin, as it is personalized based on the user's interests.

By combining the best features of live audio and traditional podcasting, Callin is redefining the audio experience. It is the only platform that allows users to engage in live conversations with their favorite hosts, ask questions, offer perspectives, and debate alongside other listeners. For hosts, Callin provides an all-in-one platform to easily run their own talk shows, stream, take questions, record, edit, publish, and share audio content with their audience. Quality podcast production is also made accessible with features like one-click editing, automated transcripts, and audio volume normalization.

With Callin, hosts have the opportunity to reach millions of listeners worldwide by distributing their content to popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts . They can also export highlight videos to any social media platform and tap into their audience's network through social discoverability.

For listeners, enjoying Callin content is flexible and convenient. They can tune into live rooms and interact directly with hosts, guests, and fellow listeners. Alternatively, they can listen to recorded episodes, clip their favorite highlights, and easily share them on social media. Callin takes live audio to the next level with features like the caller queue for direct interaction, live chat for engagement, and emojis for reactions.

For updates, users can follow Callin on Twitter @getcallin. For more information on privacy policies, community standards, and FAQs, they can visit

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