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Epic - Kids' Books & Reading

Epic is a digital library for kids that offers a wide variety of books, audiobooks, and learning videos. The app is designed to fuel curiosity and reading confidence by allowing kids to freely explore their interests. With over 40,000 titles available, Epic provides instant access to a vast selection of educational content.

The app can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any Apple device. Users also have the option to download books for offline reading. In addition to traditional eBooks , Epic offers a collection of Read-To-Me books and audiobooks, featuring talented voice actors, music, and sound effects that bring stories to life.

Epic is a multilingual platform, with books available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. This allows readers from different backgrounds to engage with the content and expand their language skills.

The app includes fun rewards and learning tools to keep children motivated. Reading Buddies, badges, and quizzes encourage reading and learning, while Spotlight Words and audio-enabled Dictionary Lookup assist in teaching vocabulary and pronunciation.

For families, there is a paid subscription option called Epic Family. It offers up to 4 child profiles, allowing each child to have a personalized reading experience. The parent dashboard allows parents to see what their children are reading and track their progress. Many parents have reported that Epic has helped improve their child's reading skills.

For educators, there is a free option called Epic School, which can be used by educators and students during the school day. It offers ELA tools, including filters for different reading levels, quizzes, Dictionary Lookup, and Spotlight Words. Teachers can easily assign and share books and track daily and weekly reading. Epic School also provides multilingual books and fun reading formats to cater to every student's needs. A premium offering called Epic School Plus, which provides 24/7 access to the full Epic library, is coming soon and will be funded by districts.

Epic has received recognition from various press outlets and experts. It has been featured on The TODAY Show, CNET, Refinery 29, and in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine, USA Today, Forbes, and TechCrunch has praised Epic for its balance between educational and fun content, while has highlighted its access to thousands of books on various subjects. An Epic Educator Ambassador, Cindy, has also praised Epic for giving students exposure to books they wouldn't find in libraries or classrooms.

Additional information can be found in Epic's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service on their website.

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