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Lingokids - Play and Learn

The text describes Lingokids, a learning app for Kids that offers over 1200 interactive activities. It incorporates academic subjects like math, reading, science, engineering, and art with modern life skills. The app uses a Playlearning™ method that engages children and encourages them to explore and learn at their own pace. It covers various subjects, themes, and levels that grow with the child, including reading and literacy, math and engineering, science and technology, music and art, social-emotional learning, history and geography, and physical activity. Parents can track their child's progress and achievements through the Parents Area. The app also offers an upgraded version called Lingokids Plus, which provides additional features such as unlimited access to learning activities, exclusive podcast content, personalized child profiles, progress reports, and a global parent community. Lingokids Plus is ad-free and allows offline learning. The app's subscription automatically renews unless cancelled. Help and support, privacy policy, and terms of service are provided.

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