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Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

The Kahoot! app allows users to play engaging quiz-based games (kahoots) at school, home, and work, while also giving them the opportunity to create their own kahoots and learn something new. The app is available in multiple languages and offers various features for different user groups.

For students, the app allows them to join live kahoots in class or virtually, submit answers, complete self-paced kahoots, study with flashcards and other study modes, compete with friends in study groups, challenge friends with kahoots they found or created, and host kahoots live for family and friends directly from their mobile device.

Families and friends can find kahoots on any topic, host live kahoots by sharing their screen, or play a live kahoot using SharePlay. The app also enables parents to engage their kids in studying at home and assign kahoots to challenge family members and friends.

Teachers have access to millions of ready-to-play kahoots on any topic and can also create or edit their own kahoots. Different question types can be combined to increase engagement, and kahoots can be hosted live in class or virtually for distance Learning . Teachers can also assign student-paced kahoots for content review and assess learning outcomes with reports.

Company employees can create kahoots for e-learning, presentations, events, and other occasions. The app allows for audience participation through polls and word cloud questions, and it can be hosted live in person or in a virtual meeting. Self-paced kahoots can be assigned for e-learning, and progress and results can be assessed with reports.

Premium features are available for users who choose to upgrade, offering access to an image library with millions of images and advanced question types. Paid subscriptions are required for these features and for business users who want to create and host kahoots in a work context.

The app offers recurring billing and can be canceled at any time. Privacy policy and terms and conditions are available for users to review on the Kahoot! website.

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