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Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

This text is an abstract about an app called Simply Guitar, developed by JoyTunes, that helps users learn to play the guitar at their own pace. The app provides step-by-step tutorials created by world-class music teachers and offers feedback to users as they learn to play their favorite songs. It is suitable for all ages and works with any guitar, requiring no previous experience. The app allows users to play chords and songs right away, learn through high-quality video lessons, and receive guidance and feedback on their playing. It covers various techniques such as guitar fundamentals, reading and playing tabs, playing chords, chord switching, and strumming techniques. The app also includes helpful tips, exercises, and a progress tracker. Additionally, users can tune their guitar using the app's professional tuner and receive fast support from the app's musicians. Simply Guitar is designed to make Learning the guitar fun and offers regular updates with new songs and lessons. The app has received recognition and awards and is recommended and used by music teachers worldwide. Users can contact the developers for any questions or feedback. The app's privacy policy and terms of use are also provided.

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